Sterilised meals, also called MREs for short, are ready-prepared, shelf-stable meals that you only have to heat up and can eat immediately! In extreme cases they can be eaten cold, but that would be a shame, it’s best to eat warm, just right.

Vacuum-dried foods, also called “dehydrated” or “lyophilised” foods, are essentially cooked foods that are then “freeze-dried” and thus dehydrated. This way, the food retains its natural flavour and nutritional values, you just need to pour hot water over it to “rehydrate” it again – i.e. it reabsorbs the water and you enjoy the food as if it were freshly cooked.

Sterilising food is not rocket science. Just the honestly picked up principle of our grandmothers: canning. It took thousands of hours of trial and error, but we figured out how to preserve whole portions, even with garnishes. Now when you open the adventure menu, the freshly brewed deliciousness smells right under your nose.

Drying vacuum-dried food is our own unique process. Food is dehydrated by freezing, making it up to 75% lighter. Basic physics and a proper fishtron allowed us to find a way where none of the taste of the food and its nutrients are lost. Definitely don’t expect artificial food from a bag. In blind tests, you won’t know the difference between the prepared adventure menu and the food that just lands on your plate from the pot.

Dad Foods food has a shelf life of at least 3 years. It’s just as well that it doesn’t freeze at temperatures above 30°C or stand in direct sunlight for too long.

Orders for food parcels are placed online only.

Orders can be cancelled by the customer contacting customer service. Customer service can be reached at info@dadfoods.ch.

Delivery is handled by our exclusive partner DPD Switzerland. Goods are only handed over in person and must be confirmed with the customer’s signature. Goods may not be left at the front door. If it is not possible to hand over the goods in person at the delivery time specified by DPD, a collection slip will be placed in the letterbox. The customer can use the collection slip to choose a second free delivery or a personal collection from DPD.

For legal entities, the payment method “by invoice” is only available upon written request at info@dadfoods.ch.

All prices are quoted in Swiss francs including the applicable value added tax. The prices charged are always those displayed on the online shopping website at the time the order is placed.

Various payment methods are available, depending on the products and the shipping conditions. The different payment methods are: Credit card, TWINT, PostFinance and for special orders by invoice.