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We at D.A.D. Foods don’t know how many of you have ever visited the wonderful country of the Czech Republic, but we are sure that those who have visited the most beautiful city in Europe, Prague, will know the Czech Republic for its amazing beer and typical dishes. Czech cuisine is very similar to popular Swiss dishes, with an emphasis on succulent meat combined with potatoes or rice and a delicious sauce. Our product called “The Package” is a combination of delicious food with added benefits that perfectly fit the Swiss mentality of being prepared for any situation. We call it the Swiss army knife of food. To create the best meals of the highest quality, we have partnered with established ready-to-eat meal producers who have brought only the best ingredients and years of experience to create a special edition of meals exclusively for the Swiss market. The advantages of the Swiss army knife of food, as we call it, come in the form of a long shelf life of at least six years and the added benefit of a unique heating system that allows meals to be heated without the use of gas or electricity in any environment. “The Package” with its qualities should become the basic food reserve for every swiss household or weekend chalet, because you never know when an unexpected situation will arise and as the saying goes: “luck is always on the side of the prepared”. In any situation, a hot meal provides a sense of security and peace even in the most difficult circumstances.

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Recipe for tradition


What foods can be found in it?

Beef goulash with boiled potatoes

A well-made classic always goes! For this hearty goulash, we only use meat from free-range cattle. This is cooked for hours with stock, onions and peppers in a delicious sauce until tender. And to make sure the whole thing really fills you up, there’s a round of boiled potatoes on the side. The perfect reward after a long and hard day!

Martin's goose with Cabbage and dumplings

Martin’s goose with cabbage and dumplings, freshly prepared at Dad Foods. The base is a steam-roasted boneless goose leg, complemented with handmade red cabbage and potato dough sticks.

Chicken Korma with rice

The taste of India in a single meal. Tender chicken breast fillet in a sauce of coconut milk, cream and garam masala spices from the Far East. You can taste cinnamon, ginger, lemon and fiery cayenne pepper in every single bite. The side dish is long-grain rice.

Beef goulashwith boiled potatoes

This luxury meal consists of tender venison in a sauce of root vegetables, redcurrant jam, red wine and spices. It is served with hand-rolled potato dumplings. No wonder this feast is one of our most popular dishes.

Chicken in wild sauce and rice

This dish is our personal favourite because it has nutritional values that would make any nutritionist scream with joy. And it tastes fantastic at the same time. Steamed chicken in a creamy sauce with onions, bacon and tomato paste. With a side of wholemeal rice, this meal is the concentrated load of vitamins and fibre. A light dish that nevertheless fills the stomach decently. Whether you’re a top athlete or a tourist!

Meatballs with basmati and tomato sauce

Meatballs originated in Italy, but they now have fans all over the world – especially in Scandinavia and North America. Unsurprising, considering how delicious they are. Our meatballs are made with tender ground beef, basmati rice, parsley, salt and pepper. And that’s all! There is no need for flavour enhancers or artificial ingredients to make these little delicacies even tastier. Our sweet tomato sauce made from tomato paste and root vegetables tastes like a hint of cinnamon and is especially popular with children. To make this meal as balanced as possible, we have perfectly balanced the ratio of minced meat and rice. But if you combine this dish with noodles, for example, you can make two very filling meals for your lunch and dinner.

Bread pudding with apples and cinnamon

Comfort food has a new name! Sweet apples, cream cheese, cinnamon and a roll soaked in milk and butter – if you were in a bad mood until just now, it’s definitely gone now! Every bite is a dream in itself. This dish works as a hot breakfast or a cold dessert. Or as a midnight snack. In fact, it goes anywhere, anytime!

Farmer ham with lentil ragout

Bauerschinken with lentil ragout is a traditional dish of German cuisine. It is ham produced on the farm and cut into thin slices. The lentil ragout is prepared from lentils, vegetables and spices and serves as a side dish to the ham.

Creamy scrambled eggs with ham and cheese

There’s nothing like a proper breakfast! Enjoy an honest scrambled egg, fried on red onions with ham, refined with cream and sprinkled with Gouda. After this breakfast, nothing can stop you!

Flameless Heater

Heat any D.A.D. Foods meal without fire with our unique Flameless Heater. Our system is based on an exothermic reaction between calcium oxide and water. In 15-20 minutes it heats the meal without a cooker or fire and produces no CO2. In fact, it even consumes CO2 during the process! (The reaction is completely safe, but extra caution is recommended as the water temperature reaches over 100 degrees during the reaction).

The zipper bag is also included in the package